Saturday, 26 October 2013

There's something I've been meaning to say,
It has always been at the tip of my tongue.
Did strike me when I saw you the other day,
but I ran and left the words unsung.

Your smile still lingers in my mind
and it won't seem to go away.
It's what I think about all the time
and wish I could see it every day!

But you can see it in my eyes,
in the words unspoken during the day.
Getting caught in surprise,
while stealing glances at your way.

If there's still time or ever will be,
I'll tell you when I see you again,
what all you meant to me.

But the unspoken words are never said,
so the desire fades away.
Seasons change, green becomes red
If nothing lasts forever, why don't the feelings go away?

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