Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I must travel,
travel on the untrodden snow
stopping to make snow angels,
for I am gloomy.

I must travel,
travel to those western islands
whose names I know,
but know nothing else of them.


I must see all the flowers there are
-Erythrina, balsam, touch-me-not and jasmine
blooming on the roadside
I haven't been to.

I am aching to travel,
to breathe in its pure serene,
I am aching for the sweet air of Alaska,
and for the swim into the Baltic sea.

I must travel,
for I am exhausted.
If I dont travel,
I am afraid i'll go mad

And if I do,
I won’t be there for the wild sunrise in milan,
to see the magnificent scenery of St. Lucia
or to see the Murano glass of Murano

I dream of travelling, on open roads
when the moon is high
and the sun is low
where I often lie awake on the silent shore.

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