Communication: An insuperable task

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Communication, an involuntary task I’ve got to deal with everyday. So unconsciously I slur out the words that don’t need to be said, the words that are laughed upon. I avoid everyone; no one wants to be a part of my predicament.  I scream words in my mind, so eloquent and beautiful that I started walking gracefully as if I was graceful. I’d spent a lot of lonely days with myself, enunciating beautiful words which I only used in my dreams, impressing the world with my grace. But I was graceless. My friends thought it was funny because they could not hear what I heard. And in that moment I wished my father had taught me how to be bold. I wanted to be someone whose soul never wavered, but it did, repeatedly due to the insulation.

 I tried to say the words I immensely repeated in my head while they laughed. I thought if I hurry up and speak fast, some words might make their way outside and they would stop laughing. But to my consternation, all that came out was a little puff of wind and some little words that I remembered learning from my parents. What didn’t come out was the billowing smoke and what they didn’t hear were the explosions of magniloquence inside of me. I failed but gazed upfront, past them, to infinity.

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