Monday, 28 March 2016

A memory which still remains vivid in my heart
I've been told that I walk with an expression on my face which expresses precisely nothing and I couldn’t agree more. I wear an expression on my face which only accentuates my inner void, hiding my lucid flow of thoughts. I tend to cut through the razor sharp gaze of people with grace, something that I’d honed for myself, over the past few years. I choose to roam the most loneliest and scenic roads where the trees usually catch my undivided attention, as I am deluged by the beauty of things which live without words. Fearlessly existing, growing, in a world full of preconceived notions where wisdom is just fidelity on paper.

I have found a companion in nature and I have bared my all to it. I could be whoever I wanted to be in its presence. Also, in a way it was my solitude which became my companion in the vast presence of nature. It sounds utterly imbecile, right? I guess it is. But it’s only then did I realise, how small I really am, just existing as a mere collection of paradoxes in the transience of life. It was the realization which only invigorated me and however trivial and alone I had ever felt in a room full of people, nature always made me feel like a queen who was worthy of its every leaf and every drop of rain, so I connected to its unspoken words and drifted away from those who couldn’t understand it. Partly because I was of the ‘nature’ people didn’t understand, so how would they understand the nature? They couldn’t understand the silence but were confident in their convictions about what I do and what I am. Even though I did meet a few people along the way, people who surprised me, so I tried connecting with them. I took a few steps into their world before I let them come into mine, shared a thought or two, let the minds collide carelessly. But then I always found myself taking two steps back into my own cosy void. I guess I am too scared, too scared of something so ephemeral, unlike my own conscientiousness and nature. 

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