Saturday, 3 June 2017

The pages are turned to figure out what happens next. 

Another page was turned recently, of a book that was put to the shelf. Dust settled. So did I.

But I picked it up sooner than when I had initially planned to pick it up; which was never.

Minds change. Mine got corrupted. 

You won't get the context because it's not important. Let's just say that I settled for something else.

Yes, settled. It's funny, since I am not that woman. 

The future is now crystal clear. 

I'm semi intoxicated. No, not high yet. I could be. But I won't be, on anything, on anyone. 

I've already settled for something much worse. 

Anyway, I'm craving Lychee juice. Abjured meat a long time ago, don't crave it. Don't know why. 

I guess I settled for a life without it. For ethical reasons, you see.

Don't know if you'll call that a settlement. 

They offered beer. I tell them that they could buy a meal for someone hungry with that money. 

Now they're settled with a feeling of guilt. I'm happy. 

There's no need to be sanguine. You're free, as settling is complete opposite of it. 

I took a quiz. The results were baffling. I'm a histrionic. 

I settled for it. And my mind has been corrupted. 

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