I'm Alice in reverse!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

I fell down a rabbit hole, 
My long dress barely fit inside the small abode,
My giant head hit the ceiling and bruised,
I cried for some time as I was utterly confused.

My eyes darted towards a weird marshmallow,
So tiny it was, the place suddenly felt so shallow 
But I ate it all anyway,
And I shrank in size of a tiny doorway!

I opened the door to a weird blue room,
There were books all around, surrounded by a ghostly gloom
Oh what have I ever done to end up here?
This must be a nightmare; he must wake me up now, my dear!

Two years passed, Mad Hatter never came,
I was stuck inside a hell hole, a world so mundane.
I read all the books that surrounded me 
And watched the warrior within die inside of me

This wasn't meant to be; I'm supposed to be a fighter,
I was shown my own destiny but here I am; writing on this electric typewriter.
The Red Queen must be laughing, looking down at me
She must know that I too am laughing, at my antithetical destiny

I am lost, I really am, and there's no Cheshire Cat to turn to
Because here it does matter which road to take, 
Even when you don't know where to go to
I hate how the rain soaks my clothes; I hate the sound of thunder
Why in the world am I here, I'm forever left to wonder.

The Mad Hatter never came and that’s how the story goes,
But Alice still hopes to see her Wonderland once again and she will – this her inward spirit knows. 

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